About us


Valerio Ciotola


Graduate in industrial biotechnologies.
Madly in love with science, fish and mysticism.
Obsessed with the energy potential of waste materials and microalgae.
The Chairman of the company and point of reference for all work coordination


Simone Cofini


Graduate in biotechnologies and scholar of plant organisms.
Having spent his formative years in the Far East, he is the only true fisherman in the group.
Always on hand, tireless and irrepressible, he is in charge of The Circle’s installations.


Thomas Marino


He does not believe in chance and this project is a clear example of that.
Traveller, writer and surfer, over time he has learnt the importance of thinking outside the box.
He looks after all communications and strategic development for The Circle.


Lorenzo Garreffa


Graduate in industrial biotechnologies. Tattoos and a nice-guy appearance, has the ability to breathe life into any organism at the farm. He doesn’t talk much, but gets it right when he does. Meticulous and a listener, he sees to every aspect of the birth and growth of our cultures.

We are a company with highly concentrated technology able to produce top quality sustainable food. We produce no waste nor pollution. We aim to overcome the idea of Organic and zero impact, and to create a process that brings a Positive Impact.

The Circle aims to become the example of doing business in the sector of Vertical Farming.  Environmentally aware, The Circle uses high-technology and offers top quality products to the market.

Our vision is to create a sustainable and competitive business model which pays attention to the environment and to the customer.


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